Saturday, 8 September 2012

Worth it!?

It seems the world is becoming more and more accepting of a state of discontent.  I am noticing a trend where people have convinced themselves that a state of happiness just isn't meant for them.  Many feel so removed from a joyous way of being they have no idea what that would actually feel like.  Over and over I have asked myself why don't people work on choosing to be happy?  I know that the ability to be happy comes from within so why are so many unhappy!  There was a time I genuinely didn't get it!  Recently I have been reading Louise Hay's "you can heal your life".   She talks a lot about positive affirmations and what you put out is what you attract.  Something I one hundred percent believe in.  She also discusses that the root to most people's issues is their lack of self worth.  I have read her book twice now and it took the second time around for me to notice this statement.  As I read these words it was a huge epiphany, people do not believe they are deserving of happiness.   As I sat reflecting on this statement further I decided to put it to the test.  I started saying to my yoga participants you are amazing, you deserve to have your dreams come true (which they are and do!)  The response to these words were astounding!  People would get squeamish, they'd laugh telling me I am cheesy (I kind of am so that's ok;), they'd cry or completely dismiss it.  I also gave an assignment to a weight loss group to name something fabulous about themselves and it was an excruciatingly difficult task for them.  Saying these words and asking people to genuinely reflect on their happiness can create a huge elephant in the room that many just want to run from.  What's crazy is we are talking about nice things!!!  However, sadly when we are in a situation where we feel unworthy, or less than capable we get uncomfortable.  For most of us the belief that we don't deserve something tends to begin in our past.  This is where letting go of our baggage becomes so important because it can release the pattern of unworthiness.  Most people have a story, a difficult journey or obstacle they have had to overcome, myself included.  However, by no means does that story get to have the power that you are not worthy of being the truly happy, amazing person you can be.  It begins by both intellectually and emotionally understanding that you 100 percent deserve to be happy.  Telling yourself over and over I am worth it can be a huge step in the right direction.  Sometimes the effort it takes to start to discover our happiness potential can indeed be exhausting.  However, the gifts and experiences waiting for every person to see, if they are willing, are priceless.  No one can put a real value on the human body or what our experiences are "worth".  But I can tell you that YOU are all worth every penny that is out there! You own your value and personal power to discover your happy and totally deserve it too:).

Be happy, be healthy


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