Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy 2014

New Year, New You, create the best you, 2014 is your year.  All these exciting statements that are so inspiring and fabulous.  The idea of starting fresh is filled with so much opportunity and promise it's intoxicating.  Resolutions, intentions, goals all have such a beautiful energy and promise for new found joy about them.  What I find interesting is also how scary it can be to see your dreams beginning to unfold.  It can actually be quite terrifying to embrace a new resolution or intention because to do so we sometimes have to let go of what is familiar.  So the question lies do we set resolutions/intentions or do we not?   For me I say yes to intentions, yes to resolutions, yes to dreams, yes to happiness.  What I am also learning to say yes to is letting go of the comfort zone and understanding that yes I will have to sit with the fear of the unfamiliar.  I am working to remind myself that even if it's scary, even if it's unfamiliar that doesn't mean it's bad and that doesn't mean I have to fall off the new years resolution/intention/dream I have set.  I am starting to acknowledge that in the process of letting go is where the space can be made for the intention, resolution to be manifested.  I realize what I am saying isn't necessarily new or ground breaking ideas however, setting the intention to sit with the fear and doubt and allow my dreams to continue to flourish is very new to me.  I have always been a dreamer and an eternal optimist but have also had my fair share of self sabotaging behaviours when things became a bit unfamiliar.  What's interesting is some of my past "unfamiliar" moments were the unbelievably beautiful moments.  However,  because these experiences were a new feeling of joy I would sabotage them simply from fear of the unknown.  Interestingly enough writing this blog today is part of my beginning again, new years resolutions/intentions.  I love to write and learn so much in the process.  So what's the big deal some might ask?  For me it's the continued battle of allowing love in and letting down a guard I put up as young child.  Even with my understanding of happiness I am still learning that with love and joy there is no ceiling.  Someone earlier this year said to me in order to be healer you have to heal yourself.  So my continued process of healing is learning to let dreams, love and happiness go to new heights as unfamiliar as that might be.  Within that process is not letting the fear of the pains of the past sabotage this growth.  In turn I can honour my resolution/intention of sharing the abundance of happiness that exists in life and that everyone deserves to be happy.  As it stands my resolution/intention includes creating a space that honours how much sweat, tears, fears, laughter, hugs, struggles and celebrations are involved in creating a happy 2014.  For the most part fun and exciting but ironically a little scary.  However, here we's to choosing happy in 2014.

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